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Build a 3 Lens Outlaw Kit

Here, you can build a kit that includes 3 lenses, a set of standard frames (that can be upgraded) as well as a carry case, please note that not all lenses are displayed on the main photo and you can find more information about any of our lenses or frames from our Pilla Page. All Pilla kit purchases come with a 3-lens clamshell carry case that can be upgraded to a hard case.


Standard cases hold 3 lenses and a set of frames, large cases hold 9 lenses or 6 lenses and 3 frame sets.


Please visit the product pages for an accurate stock count. If we are out of something you want, you can still order it! And we will follow up with a more accurate ETA as soon as possible. We get Pilla shipments in regularly.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


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