Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Pistol Ammo 357 Mag 158 gr. Semi-Jacketed HP 50 rd.


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Weight 1.850 lbs
Dimensions 4.750 × 2.500 × 1.750 in



Fiocchi Ammunition



Product Description

From the field to the range to protecting yourself and your family Fiocchi gives you the ammo you can depend upon. Fiocchi quality in their Pistol Shooting Dynamics line gives you a solid performing jacketed hollow pointed projectile over clean and consistent powders with reliable primers all rolled into a precision drawn case for repeatability shot after shot. No matter if you are lining up a shot on a nice game animal with your precision pistol or preparing to defend your family with your trusty wheel gun carry ammo you can depend upon every time you pull the trigger.


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