Trophy Ridge Digital React Trio Bowsight RH


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Weight 1.800 lbs
Dimensions 9.500 × 5.250 × 4.250 in



Trophy Ridge

Product Description

The Digital React Trio Pro features two horizontal fixed .019 pins and a vertical React .010 pin. Digital React utilizes Trophy Ridge’s patented React Technology which mathematically adjusts your pins and yardage indicators to be spot on at any distance. For nearly a decade, Trophy Ridge’s ReactTechnology has been the preferred sight technology by archers around the world. React Technology is the fastest and most efficient technology when sighting in a bow for the first time. In a mere 10 minutes or less, have your bow dead-on from 20 to 100+ yards. Trophy Ridge has upped the ante with the new Digital React sights powered by Trophy Tech, the muscle behind Trophy Ridge’s technology. The Digital React Trio Pro bow sight features a highly-visible LED screen with a digital readout of targeted distances. The sight weighs a total of 13oz.


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